Author Elizabeth Raines


From the distant past to the distant future, and in the world of fantasy, two or more men may occasionally find themselves in love with the same woman. How they handle the problem is unique, both to the situation, and to themselves. But for the lady, it is always exciting. . .

Elizabeth Raines ~ Immortal Kiss

Paralegal Katrina Mason falls for a handsome new client and agrees to join him for a cozy dinner. When she discovers that Adrian Bishop is the leader of a tribe of three male Nightwalkers who want to share her, Kat must decide if she has the courage to join them.


Whether by herself, with a single partner, or many, every woman exudes sensuality when she practices the art form of dance. Men are drawn to her. Sometimes she must decide on one, but other times they don't want her to choose, they're willing to share her on the dance floor, in bed, and in love.

Elizabeth Raines ~ Lessons in Love

Actor Craig Everett invites actress Juliana Barrington to rumba lessons for a charity dance competition. When sexy instructor Alejandro Rivas recognizes their attraction to each other—and to him—can he teach them to open up their hearts?


Hazards in the workplace abound, posing dangers to life and limb as well as health and sanity. But when love is in the air, the heart may also be in jeopardy. Sometimes a paycheck isn’t the only thing at stake, particularly when the job becomes more than just a job…

Elizabeth Raines ~ The Ad Men and the Cougar

Advertising executive Tracey Daniels has assembled her Dream Team—two smart, sexy men who seem to anticipate her every move. Can they convince her to make the transition from workroom to bedroom?

Handcuffs and neckties and belts, oh my! Many may fantasize about being bound while their lover has his or her wicked way with them, but when faced with the opportunity, would you trust your partner enough to relinquish all control? Or would you prefer to be the one in charge? Or are you among the ranks of the undecided?

Elizabeth Raines ~ Trust

Type-A Angie Traylor can’t seem to let go—even when she’s in bed with the man she loves. Spiriting her away, Noah James uses enticing methods of seduction to teach her to enjoy life and love and learn to trust.

Looking for something to keep you warm this Christmas? The Sextet Santas are cranking up the heat and filling your stockings with a lot more than candy. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, take a seat under the mistletoe, and get ready for a sleigh full of Christmas joy! 

Elizabeth Raines ~ Home for Christmas

Childhood friends Jayne Reynolds, Steve Mason, and Matt Wagner were always The Three Musketeers, sharing everything. When the three of them become Yuletide lovers, will the consequences tear apart their lifelong friendship or lead them to a happily ever after for three?