Author Elizabeth Raines

 The Wicked Missions Series


Locked In ~ Book 1 ~ Leesa Bouchard never expected to be locked in quarantine with two sexy space pilots. Now she has thirty days to see if their growing attraction can take flight. But when she finds herself the target of a government investigation, can her guys help her clear her name?


Marooned ~ Book 2 ~ Marooned on a tropical moon with two handsome men, Betinsa Nungio faces the comchi, the time in her life when she must take mates or risk death. As they explore their growing feelings, the trio stumbles across a terrorist group plotting to destroy Betinsa’s planet. Can they work together to save her world?


Bounty ~ A Passionate Plume Finalist!

Bounty ~ Book 3 ~ Captured by bounty hunters, Hannah Bates faces death if delivered to her enemies. Can she convince her captors that revenge not justice faces her if they claim their bounty? When she develops feelings for the two men, how will she persuade them it’s not an act meant to earn their sympathy?


Sold ~ Book 4 ~ Lyrianna Seebré is convicted and sentenced to forty years hard labor for a crime she didn’t commit. Upon arrival at the penal colony, she’s selected to be auctioned off to the male settlers of a newly-colonized planet. Can her two owners overcome her resistance and capture her heart?


Wanted ~ Book 5 ~ Sexy smugglers Hammond Miller and Spencer Prentice rescue Callinda Seebré from an evil drug lord. Now a hostage aboard their ship, she becomes a catalyst, driving them to explore their feelings for her—and also for each other. Can her love rescue them from their dangerous way of life?

Captivated ~ Book 6 ~  Discovering a lover’s tryst between the crown prince and his bodyguard puts Agent Izzie Szabo in a struggle to win her freedom and their love. After an attempt on the prince’s life forces them to work together, a plot is discovered that threatens to rob him of his royal destiny.

Covert ~ Book 7 ~ On a mission to discover the source of patrile—the most addictive drug in the galaxy—Agent Alayna Wilson and her partners Will and Tanner have become Fraiquan. Though the attraction is mutual, can their love survive a deadly plot against the Fraiquan government and the return to human form?

Their Princess ~ Book 8 ~ Falsely accused of treason by her scheming stepmother in an attempted coup, Trilani Princess Syla enlists the aid of her handsome bodyguards Jake Odin and Luka Arma to save her from execution and clear her name. While vowing to help her reclaim her throne, can they also steal her heart?